Wellness Within

by Ellyn


Changing the World One Breath at a Time


Prenatal Yoga

Teacher Training

Level 1


(Spring 2017)

Support women during pregnancy and labor & delivery!

A unique program offering the best from the best...

sharing wisdom to help all moms-to-be

&  learn to nurture yourself too!

April 27-April 30, 2017

You don't want to miss this!




Learn to

Safely & Effectively Teach Expectant Moms

A unique team of nurses, midwife, obstetrician, and yoga teachers offers information to support the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of pregnancy.


Meditation and ritual for honoring the mom-to-be and self inquiry are integrated into the program.


Attendees will leave this program with tools to support women during pregnancy and labor & delivery through yoga, meditation massage, and more.

Four Days 45 credits



Contact Ellyn Hutton at ellynh@rcn.com for more info!





After completing the training with Wellness Within by Ellcertification students tes must also teach 30 hours of prenatal yoga before they may register as Registered Pregnancy Yoga Teachers.  (RPYTs). These hours of prenatal yoga must be taught afgraduatinguate fLevel 1 & 2 Program.YS).

*Wellness Within by Ellyn, LLC will offer a 15% discount off Level II Training for those who serve the less served population.


*WWBE will set up programs in the Delaware aes.


Required Reading:


Birth Matters: Ina May Gaskin

Colors of Birth: Ellyn S. Hutton

Case Study

10 hour Elective Case Study: Birth Plan, Yoga, Meditation, and Comfort Measures


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